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All Words Lead to You
Rated: M
WC: 10, 371
In a new world without walls and titans, Rivaille makes a living as a popular novelist. Retelling the stories of his former life, the author hopes that one day, if and when Eren reads them, it will help him regain their lost memories together.
Rated: M
WC: 109, 956
If a clock could count down to the very moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know? Once the clock strikes zero, Axel and Roxas learn that their intended soul mates are most certainly not female and angrily rebel against their destiny, but can you really change something as definite as fate?
Rated: K
WC: 2165
He had always known that she had beautiful hair. He had always known that he loved her hair. If only just for a second, he finds himself lost in her hair. Or alternatively, Jean brushes Mikasa’s hair (✿◠‿◠)


Title: Distance
Pairing: JeaKasa, very minor and implied RivaEre
Words: 3228
Suggested Listening: Place de la République by Coeur de Pirate
Summary: It’s the middle of the night and the Eiffel Tower is illuminated all around him. He’s running, he’s running so fast, and he doesn’t even really know why. It’s just a feeling really; all he knows is that there’s something waiting for him at the top of the tower and it’s only a few kilometers away.

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Gah! So cute!

AU modern day SNK RIVAMIKA headcanon

where Levi always beat Mikasa in waking up in the morning first, but this time,she woke up a little earlier, and decided to take a picture of her accomplishment . Ends up adoring the lil’ picture <3 and a kiss from lil’ person

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translation: Ereri about 10 years later


pairing: ereri

artist: なふ (please give her artworks ratings!!)

chns trans: Mao-Meru (ty~~)

genre: time AU, fluff rly sweet

i have seen lots of Ereri 10 years later AUs but this one esp. portrays their matured relationship and a really grown Eren (I LOVE)



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JeaKasa Week » Day 2: Confession

"I, Jean Kirschtein, 14th Commander of the Scouting Legion, am in love with Mikasa Ackerman."

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winter drawing/writing challenge


  • day 01 - sweaters
  • day 02 - snowball fights
  • day 03 - hot chocolate/hot drinks
  • day 04 - books
  • day 05 - ice skating
  • day 06 - parkas/big jackets
  • day 07 - sledding
  • day 08 - snow angels
  • day 09 - fireplace/candles
  • day 10 - snowed in
  • day 11 - quilts
  • day 12 - mistletoe (or plain smoochies)
  • day 13 - snowmen
  • day 14 - hot baths
  • day 15 - winter hats and mittens
  • day 16 - shaking from the cold
  • day 17 - snow shoveling
  • day 18 - hibernate/sleep
  • day 19 - cookies/cake/gingerbread
  • day 20 - scarves
  • day 21 - soup
  • day 22 - huddle for warmth
  • day 23 - sick
  • day 24 - socks/boots
  • day 25 - trade gifts/donate
  • day 26 - foggy breaths
  • day 27 - ski
  • day 28 - knitting
  • day 29 - power outage
  • day 30 - sing loudly and/or obnoxiously
  • day 31 - family/friend pictures


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Fic Update! » All Words Lead to You

The third chapter of All Words Lead to You has been posted! I hope you all enjoy it! :) Please leave kudos, comments, likes, reblogs and all that jazz if you did! I’ll see you all next time with the next update <3

A03 or FF.N



A HighSchool!AU in which Levi is a strict Classic History teacher and Eren has a strong admiration (attraction?) for him. Based(ish) on a comic I saw somewhere on the net (I forgot what it was though)

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